Prefabricated modular structures
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  • Easy assembly and installation of structures
  • Providing comfortable conditions for living in a complex climate
  • Complexes that meet all the requirements of quality and safety
  • The ability to quickly deploy a shift complex and place the equipment under awning hangars
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Laundry Equipment

We supply laundry equpiment by international brands at the optimal price levels.  We provide the laundry machines of the highest quality and modern design, fit for the most demanding client.  We choose the equipment to import based on its capacity, automation, customized programming options, optimal pricing, efficient water and energy usage, user-friendly interface, modern design, reliability and sturdiness.  We carry only  the best brands available in the market today.


Vyazma is the leading Russian laundry equipment brand, found in the majority of public laundry facilities throughout the country.
We supply both the machines and the locally manufactured spare parts for the Vyazma equipment.
The Vyazma brand offers a wide range of laundromat equpiment that meets the global quality standards.

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  • ВО-2

  • ЛБ-30

  • ЛС-10

  • ЛВХ-21

  • ВС-15

  • ЛПР-208

  • ВГ-16

  • ЛС-8


The Belgian laundry equipment brand Primus is very popular for its attractive price/quality offering. It's manufactured in the Czech Republic and is known worldwide, including Russia. This equipment is supplied to hotels as well as the shift camps.

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  • BR-50

  • DAM 6

  • I 25 100

  • RS-6

  • SD 205

  • FS 55


UniMac is one of the most popular U.S. brands with the 45% market share in the U.S. Its popularity is due to its high quality and low maintenance cost. UniMac is #1 seller in 90 countries worldwide, supported by the highest customer satisfaction and customer loyalty data.

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  • M 951

  • NOVA-S

  • UD-11

  • UL-300

  • UU-12

  • UW-35

  • UX-12

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