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    About Anroud Engineering

    Every manager handling operations in the challenging Polar and Arctic conditions understands the importance of creating comfortable living conditions for personnel and crew.  Another important issue is the ability to efficiently deliver materials and promptly establish the shift camps that would be adequately equipped and mobile.

    Since 2006, «Anroud Engineering» has been successfully servicing mining, oil and gas, geo-exploration, roadside facilities, sporting sites and large-scale mining construction industries, providing innovative solutions for our clients' specific needs – from establishing and fully equpping mobile shift camps to installing electrical lines, as well as plumbing and sewage.

    Our modular camp systems allow to promptly establish a fully operational shift site, securing the equipment inside the tent hangars. Our shift camp sites are built to the highest standards of quality and safety, providing optimal work and rest conditions for personnel and crew at the remote sites. Anroud Engineering modular systems have been successfully tested in the Arctic, Chukotka, Kamchatka and Magadan regions. The modules have been proven to sustain the harshest climate conditions while providing comfort for the users.

    Our business strategy is achieving and sustaining the highest levels of quality in all our services, while meeting the specific expectations of our clients.  We offer customized solutions and work closely with our clients all throughout the project life cycle.

    We pride ourselves on hiring and training the best experts in the field and constantly improving our services to meet the highest expectations of our clients. We employ rigorous quality control approach across the whole range of our operations.

    We will find the best solution possible for your needs and will implement it according to your specifications.