Prefabricated modular structures
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  • Easy assembly and installation of structures
  • Providing comfortable conditions for living in a complex climate
  • Complexes that meet all the requirements of quality and safety
  • The ability to quickly deploy a shift complex and place the equipment under awning hangars
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Expandable block-container modules

We offer two expandable block-container modules:  expandabel container Hercon and mobile expandance container MECC.  Both are designed in accordance with the ISO shipping standards and can be delivered worldwide by air, rail, road or sea.

These modules can be used for dormitories, kitchens and dining, offices, laundromats, workshops and medical facilities.    Hercon modules are optimal for use at remote sites as they can be easily transported by helicopters  or land vehicles.


Can be fully installed in one hour without any special equipment except for an optional lifting device sold separately.


«Hercon» doesn't require any special foundation beyond a clear site. Hercon can be installed on the ground or on wooden pillars.


«Hercon» can be easily erected within 20 minutes upon delivery on site. The module is installed using pulling hoists and а support structure to lift and lower side panels, floor and ceiling.

Wall Panels

«Hercon» walls are completed of composite panels, including polystyrene foam insulation.

Doors and Windows

Standard «Hercon» modules come with one door and eight windows. Windows can be placed on any vertical surface as they are well protected and packaged. Windows are expandable, complete with glass and mosquito net, with all the accessories and parts included.


«Hercon»modules are designed to the ISO standards and can be delivered worldwide by air, land, road or sea. Hercon containers can be loaded using cranes or transported by helicopters. Hercon modules are transported as self-containers, minimizing chances of any damage during transit.

  • Модуль «Hercon» в сборе

    Module "Hercon" in the collection

  • Сборка - подъем крыши и опускание пола

    Assembly - lifting of the roof and kneeling

  • Транспортировка в качестве стандарта ISO

    АSO - transportation as a standard ASO

  • Модуль «Hercon» изнутри

    Module “Hercon” inside

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